Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Causes Little Girls to Want a Princess Dress: Where to Get One for Your Little Princess

royal wedding
Does your little girl want a princess dress after seeing the Kate Middleton wedding dress?

Wasn’t Kate Middleton’s wedding dress gorgeous? Definitely a dress fit for a princess!

All that lace and the train: she looked very much like a fairytale princess.  Did your little girl see her tiara and want one? Does she know want to be a princess, too?

You can indulge her with these cute princess-style dresses:

Super-affordable princess dress from Walmart for $12:  

prince william and kate
Princess dress for your little girl from Walmart

Or, if your little girl wants a wedding-type dress and a tiara like Kate Middleton’s, you can check out this Cinderella wedding dress from the Disney Store for $49.50.  Does that come in my size? Because I would totally walk around in a princess dress and a tiara.

royal wedding
Princess dress from the Disney Store


Dress Your Kid Like a Royal