Kate Middleton Wedding Dress: Royal Wedding's Best Kept Secret?

kate middleton wedding dress
Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress a Royal Wedding Secret

The Royal Wedding is less than 24 hours away, and the city of London is bustling with people getting ready for the event of the century. Across the pond, the excitement is also high, as many people are organizing Royal Wedding parties for the middle of the night!

One of the most highly anticipated moments of the festivities is the big reveal of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. There has been a lot of speculation about who designed the frock, but so far, the information has managed to remain confidential. Kate Middleton’s wedding dress is definitely the Royal Wedding’s best kept secret.

I watched a documentary last night called, “Inside the Royal Wedding,” and there were hints about how wedding organizers have managed to keep the dress, and its designer under wraps. It was said that the designer of the gown likely “went in through the back door” of wherever Kate Middleton had her dress fittings. How this person remained unseen by paparazzi is a mystery.

So, I guess the big questions are, “Who designed Kate Middleton’s wedding dress?” and “What will it look like?”

We’ll have the answers by this time tomorrow!

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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