Kate Moss' Daughter Wants To Follow In Mom's Footsteps


katemosslilyallenoutsttropezks1p0mevlftlWhat did you want to be when you were a young 7-year-old? A veternatian? A firefighter? President?

Kate Moss daughter already has an inkling of what she’d like to do. She’d like to follow in mommy’s footsteps. But not in a scary skinny, pose half nude for the cameras sort of way…she wants to design handbags!

If you aren’t up on all your ‘celebrities who like to fancy themselves as designers’ news, the infamous model Moss did a line for the luxury luggage, bad and leather goods company Longchamp.  Kate said in an interview with the International Herald Tribune, “As a woman with a lot of handbags, they have got to have a bit of flair, not too ‘Lady,’ with a bit of an edge. Lila’s got her ideas too – she’s got really good taste. She wants to do her own collection!”

A collection designed by a seven year old daughter of a supermodel? I bet investors are already lining up!


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