Kate Moss: From Drab To Fab (Photos)

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Kate Moss on a photoshoot in London.

It’s always a wonder how supermodels get to look so amazingly good in the magazines. You have to wonder – is it airbrushing or natural beauty?

We may have some photographic evidence as we spotted Kate Moss getting ready for a photoshoot with celebrity photographer Mario Testino in London on Wednesday (Sept. 28).

There are before and after photos that show what Kate Moss looks like before the makeup and hair team come in! And then take a look at her after all the work is done.

Which look do you prefer? Take a look below!

  • Kate Moss 1 of 10
    Kate Moss
    Kate arriving on set.
  • Kate Moss 2 of 10
    Kate Moss
    Her hair is unkempt and her dress is not the best.
  • Kate Moss 3 of 10
    Kate Moss
    She looks a little uncomfortable.
  • Kate Moss 4 of 10
    Kate Moss
    I bet she can't wait to get all dolled up!
  • Kate Moss 5 of 10
    Kate Moss
    Kate's ready to go!
  • Kate Moss 6 of 10
    Kate Moss
    And here's the final product!
  • Kate Moss 7 of 10
    Kate Moss
    Kate's hair is amazing.
  • Kate Moss 8 of 10
    Kate Moss
    Her dress is exquisite.
  • Kate Moss 9 of 10
    Kate Moss
    That belt and those heels pop with color!
  • Kate Moss 10 of 10
    Kate Moss
    It would be nice if we all had hair and makeup people at all times!

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