Kate Moss Gives The Gift Of Smooth Skin


kate-moss6_e_78137be33a967c29f10c2b17980b3f171How does Kate Moss keep wrinkle free? She uses a gadget on her face called A Tua Trend.

Moss, 35, loves it so much she had a demonstration stall set up at her birthday party.

The company spokesperson said, “We were delighted when she invited us to her big birthday party at the Dorchester last year. We put on a demonstration for her and all her girlfriends and they all had fun trying it out as part of a girlie pampering day.

“Recently, when we told Kate the latest model was out, she put in an order for six straight away and gave them away at a friend’s baby shower.”

Personally, I think it’s a nice gift to give out. However, would it be offensive to some ladies?


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