Kate Moss' Life Story To Become A Play


kate-lila-moss_ncIf Kate Moss’ biography was to be the inspiration of a Broadway play, would it be the kind that she’d let her 7-year-old daughter Lila go see?

Apparently, that’s a decision that Kate might soon be forced to make, because her boyfriend Jamie Hince is currently writing a racy script based on her life, loves, and cocaine scandals.

Says an insider:

“Jamie is addicted to playwriting and is always jotting down scenes. He mentioned an idea to Kate, based around the lives of her and her friends — and Kate leapt at the chance to get involved.”

“The script is edgy, and could get a few celebs in trouble.Kate may have to tone things down.”

Which celebs might get in trouble on account of the script? Celebrity dad Johnny Depp, for one.


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