Kate Moss Spotted In London With Daughter Lila (Photos)

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Kate Moss and daughter Lila shop in London.

Supermodel Kate Moss and her daughter were spotted running errands in London on Saturday (Nov. 26).

Moss chose to wear a mostly all-black ensemble, as usual, while her daugher Lila tagged along in a winter hat topped with bunny ears.

Luckily for Lila, she was smudged out of a photo in the set below! It’s not easy for kids when they have to deal with the paparazzi attention brought on by their famous parents.

Take a look at the photos below.

  • Kate Moss 1 of 8
    Kate Moss
    Kate Moss always looks flawless.
  • Kate Moss 2 of 8
    Kate Moss
    Lucky for Lila, her face was blocked out of this shot!
  • Kate Moss 3 of 8
    Kate Moss
    Moss and her daughter stopped in a little shop in London.
  • Kate Moss 4 of 8
    Kate Moss
    It looks like Kate was waiting for the paprazzi to leave them alone.
  • Kate Moss 5 of 8
    Kate Moss
    And then they exited.
  • Kate Moss 6 of 8
    Kate Moss
    Kate wore all black - a popular choice by this supermodel.
  • Kate Moss 7 of 8
    Kate Moss
    What do you think of Kate's style?
  • Kate Moss 8 of 8
    Kate Moss
    I think it's very fitting for London.

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