Kate Moss's Infamous Saying Can Be Found on Kids' Clothing: Funny or Inappropriate?

nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
Shirts based on Kate Moss's saying sending the wrong message to our kids?

Do you remember when Kate Moss said “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” back in 2009?  The waif-like model was setting a bad example for our girls.

Yet, the infamous saying has stuck around and is often repeated as encouragement for sticking to a diet.  But, when young girls hear this, it send them the wrong message: that they shouldn’t eat, that being thin is the ultimate goal.

And now, you can buy children’s clothing, even baby onesies that say “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

Zazzle is selling these in infant, child, and even adult sizes. Though Kate Moss has said that she has nothing to do with the saying being on the clothes, it’s still disturbing to see.

You can also find shirts that say “I used to be dainty” or “I (heart) losing weight.” Are these shirts funny or inappropriate?

Photo: PRPhotos