Kate Moves In With A-Rod


Kate and A-Rod SmoochAs you might have guessed, after 5 long months of doing the whole dating thing, Kate Hudson has allegedly moved in with A-Rod, met his parents, adopted his kids, and named A-Rod as the beneficiary of her life insurance plan. OK, I made some of that stuff up, but Kate has supposedly moved in.

From In Touch:

Kate Hudson is shacking up with New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez! “Kate’s always at his New York apartment, even on the days when he’s on the road. She’s made herself quite comfortable in his life.

She’s met his oldest daughter and her son likes Alex,” says a friend of Alex, 34, who has two kids with ex-wife Cynthia and has already hung out with Kate’s 5-year-old, Ryder. “Kate has become very serious about him.”

It’s not like 5 months is an incredibly short time to consider moving in together, but when you’ve both got kids… it’s kind of a different ball game. When you’ve got little ones involved, you’re no longer a free agent in the dating game. Okay, I’ll cut it out with the cheesy sports metaphors.

Still, do you think maybe they’re making a mistake getting the kids all wrapped up in this relationship? In Touch’s “insider” even went on to say that: “Kate seems to feel that she’s the next Mrs. Rodriguez.”

Needless to say, even if this story isn’t true, Kate and A-Rod’s relationship is moving ahead a ludicrous speed.