Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin Answers Questions (Video)

Kate Gosselin Kate Plus 8 answers questions video
Kate Gosselin answers viewer questions on Kate Plus 8

On tonight’s Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin answers viewer questions, talking about her marriage to Jon Gosselin, the kids, and managing as a single mom.

Turns out, Kate Gosselin is glad about her divorce, but doesn’t regret the marriage because otherwise she wouldn’t have those 8 awesome little money makers… er… kids.

In the video, Kate talks about missing another parent in the home and says she’s lonely, but she doesn’t the miss the parent that was there!

Gosselin explains, “I know that I’m glad to be divorced and on my own. I wouldn’t change my marriage because I have eight awesome kids that I would not change. But people change and they’re not who you thought they were and if they’re not for you, move on. And I have.”

Seems Kate and Jon have limited conversations, with Kate sharing, “Unless I have to deal with him with the kids, I don’t [deal with him], which is good because it keeps the peace. I’ve always emailed, called or texted, whatever just about the kids, the best for the kids.”

Gosselin didn’t completely hate on Jon though, noting that “he’s working now” and is seeing the kids two weekends a month, adding, “And the kids come home happy, and that’s good.”

Are you sad to see Kate Plus 8 got canceled… or do you think it was time?