'Kate Plus 8' Kate Gosselin Goes Bungee Jumping?


Kate plus 8Kate Gosselin dished with Extra about the family trip to Australia.  As if traveling with eight kids to Australia wasn’t wild enough, the mom of eight tried bungee jumping on her trip down under!

Kate told Extra about her bungee jumping adventure.  She described the experience but said:

“I never stood on top of a tall building, let alone jumped off of it.”

The second season of Kate Plus 8 airs tonight and the Gosselin family adventures in Australia.  Kate Plus 8, the reality spin off of Kate Gosselin and kids on their own airs tonight at 10pm EST. Now that it’s the second season of Kate Plus 8, how have the kids changed since last season?

The hour-long premiere episode follows Kate and her eight as they travel 21 hours across the globe to Australia the longest flight they’ve ever taken.  In addition to bungee jumping, Kate takes a boat to the middle of the ocean in hopes of swimming next to sharks, the Gosselin family meets Australian aboriginals and learn about the Australian culture.

Here’s the interview with Kate Gosselin about the new season of Kate Plus 8.

Photo: TLC/Kate Plus 8