Kate Plus 8: Kate Takes Gosselin Kids to Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen (Video)

Kate Plus 8 Gosselins volunteer soup kitchen
On Kate Plus 8, the Gosselins volunteer at a soup kitchen

Kate Plus 8 episodes aren’t all about the many family vacations and special outings the Gosselins have access to – on the June 20 Kate Plus 8, Gosselin takes the kids to volunteer at a soup kitchen.

Watch as the Gosselins try to work together to serve food at the soup kitchen – with eight little cooks in the kitchen, chaos ensues.

Getting organized is half the battle, it seems, but once they get into place, things go fairly smoothly.

At least the kids are getting a little lesson in giving back to the community and the value of volunteering, although I suspect the lesson may be lost on the little ones.

In true kid fashion, one of the children says she doesn’t understand why it’s even called a soup kitchen – there was no soup served!

It’s never too early to teach your kids about giving back! The Kate Plus 8 episode also shows the family at a Food Bank, conducting a food drive, and delivering Food for Kids bags to a local elementary school during their visit to Tennessee.

Watch Kate Plus 8 volunteering (video).

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