Kate Plus A Sense Of Humor On 'The Jay Leno Show' (Video)


Kate Gosselin Jay LenoMaking an uncharacteristically non-uptight appearance on The Jay Leno Show last night, Kate Gosselin teamed up with writers to actually make fun of herself … and it worked. While she could have been wallowing in self-pity over the looming ‘birthday war‘ with Jon, Kate actually cut loose and garnered some laughs.

Kate appeared in a TMZ-style spoof in which she use her mysterious and disarming mommy powers to literally mother the paparazzos into a group of cowering 5-year-olds… going so far as to wipe an imaginary smudge off of a paparazzo’s face with her own spit (my favorite part).

I honestly did laugh a couple of times during this video, like when the guy said he felt obligated to do what she said because of her “weird mom powers.” As much as I hate to say it… Kate was actually pretty good.

Maybe Kate does actually have a future in the world of daytime TV.