Kate Says The Dogs Can Come Home Eventually


gosselin-german-shepherd-300x241Kate Gosselin must really be feeling the heat for getting rid of the family German Shepherds, Shoka and Nala. A week after making Jon return the pups to the breeder, Kate has changed her tune, saying that she just needed a break. Yeah right, they just didn’t want to pay for a dog sitter.

Says Kate:

“They’ll come back, but for now I needed a break. I feel like I don’t have time to take care of my kids as it is.”

I for one, aim to hold them to that. Once Kate brings the dogs home, she’ll get a tiny bit more credibility.

Jon and Kate seemed to be at a new low when they decided — right in the middle of an extended divorce — that they would return their kids’ dogs because they needed more attention than Jon and Kate combined were willing to give.

Well, at least Kate is busy trying to make the big bucks on a new talk show, but Jon really doesn’t have an excuse. It seems like he’d do just about anything to avoid responsibility — even get rid of two perfectly good dogs.

They say dogs are a reflection of their owners, maybe Jon and Kate just refused to give their marriage enough attention and that’s why it went down the tubes.