Kate Winslet And Katie Holmes In New Ad Campaigns: Gorgeous Or Too Much Photoshop?

Katie and Kate

Celebrity moms Katie Holmes and Kate Winslet are taking their actress-turned-model roles very seriously. The two ladies are the new faces of the H. Stern and St. John’s newest ad campaigns.

Kate, who looks a tad bit like another famous Kate, Kate Hudson, in the shots, is the look of both sophistication and class in her St. John’s ads while Katie (have I gotten you confused yet?) is seen parading in an itsy-bitsy bikini on the beach for her H. Stern shots.

While both ladies do look great, we’re feeling Kate’s ad a little more than Katie’s. It could just be that after seeing so many paparazzi shots of Katie looking like this, it’s hard to take a seriously as a sassy, smoky-eyed sultress on the beach.

What do you think? Are the ladies looking good in their part-time modeling gigs or was the photoshop taskbar abused once again (ahem, Katie).

Photo via Instagram