Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes together AGAIN. Plus, a Burning Question


Welcome to Day 2 of Kate and Sam take the kids to school! Two days in a row, they’ve emerged together from their NYC apartment with kids Mia, 9, and Joe, 6. Today, the kids are dressed for the 80-degree weather, and everyone is smiling. It’s a shockingly public display of solidarity, coming just weeks after these celebrity parents announced their separation. So what’s their intention? To put on a good face for the kids? To let their fans know that they’re still working on their marriage? To give the paparazzi something to chew on? And how about this most burning of questions (plus, more pics, of course!):

What’s with the bearded men breaking up? You’ll note that Jim Carrey’s been showing off his facial scruff, and Jesse James has a healthy set of whiskers. Is it a sign of cowardice—the beard gives these men something to hide behind during times of emotional turmoil? Is it coincidence? Laziness? A misguided belief in beard-as-fashion-statement? Lob in your vote in the comments below.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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