Kate Winslet & Sam Mendes Come Together For Kids


Kate Winslet and her estranged husband Sam Mendes took daughters Mia, 9, and Joe, 6, to school this morning. The couple split six months ago after six years of marriage, but they’re showing a united front when it comes to their kids.

They clearly work together when it comes to raising their children. Kate recently admitted that she felt suicidal after facing public criticism for leaving them with a nanny to focus on her career.

She’s feeling much more resolved with her decision now, telling The Times: “I don’t feel guilty about working now. When Mia was younger I did, but that was largely to do with the press.

You know, ‘She’s off and the child gets left behind’. You just want to kill yourself when you read those things.”

Unlike some Hollywood moms, Kate doesn’t bring her kids to work with her. “Mia and Joe are not on-set movie kids. I don’t ever have them hang out in the trailer, because I don’t like the notion that they are sort of beholden to my schedule, not knowing when they’re going to see me.”

Like most working mothers, she prefers to give them a “big kiss in the morning before I go off to work.”

Looks like she’s doing a good job. Despite her hectic schedule and the split from Sam, Joe seems incredibly happy waving at photographers this morning.



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