Kate Winslet Talks Fame After 'Titanic'

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Kate Winslet Talks About Fame After 'Titanic.'

It’s been over a decade since Kate Winslet starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. It’s very hard to believe. And since then Winslet’s fame has only catapulted. She sat down with French magazine Madame Figaro to discuss the rise of her career.

Winslet told Figaro, “We were like two little birds on the branch, huddled against each other.  We were hand in hand. I was young. I was 21 years. It was exciting. I was told that my life would change. I couldn’t believe it.”  Doors opened for Winslet that were closed tight before, and her professional life changed forever.

Winslet eventually went on to win an Oscar in 2009 for her performance in The Reader. Despite that the actress is one of the most sought after stars in our generation, Winslet desires anonymity and hopes to go out of this world as one of the unforgettable actresses of our time.