Katherine Heigl Returns to Her Roots


When Katherine Heigl burst onto the scene in the 1994 film My Father the Hero with Gerard Depardieu, her hair was noticeably darker than it’s been during Grey’s Anatomy. So it seems she’s returning to her brunette roots (or maybe even darker than her roots) now that she’s a mother.  Lots of moms turn to an easier-to-maintain style — I know I did — after having kids, and perhaps Heigl is no exception. Who else in Hollywood went lower maintenance after having children?

Katie Holmes lost her Dawson Creek long lush locks after having Suri — and after her wedding to Tom Cruise was out of the way. The shorter, chic ‘do is surely easier to maintain for a busy mom.

Victoria Beckham was once known for her Rapunzel-like hair extensions. After baby number three, she abandoned the extensions and went darker to more closely match her natural color. And it looks so much better!

Britney Spears knows that nothing is more low maintenance than bald.  Like Beckham, she rid herself of extensions (at least for a while) and sporadically goes brown. Although I think blond suits her best — at least when the extensions aren’t visible.

So, tell us, did you change hairstyles after becoming a mom?

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