Katherine Heigl Takes Up Sewing! (Photos)


katherine heigl, sewing
Katherine Heigl buys rolls of fabric.

Katherine Heigl may have become a new mom for the second time recently, but now she’s found time to take up a new hobby as well!

The former Grey’s Anatomy star was spotted purchasing a new sewing machine and fabrics at the local craft store in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday (May 9).

The sewing machine that Heigl ended up choosing, retails for $4,999! Wow. Who knew a hobby could be so expensive?

In a perfect world, Katherine would be sewing new scrubs for a permanent return to Seattle Grace Hospital in the fictitious world of Grey’s Anatomy. I still wish she would return to the long-running series. Am I alone?

Take a look at the photos below!

  • Crafting 1 of 8
    Actress and new second time mom, Katherine Heigl looks committed to being crafty as she happily stopped in at a local fabric store to pick out some fabric and a new sewing machine in Los Angeles.
  • Happy As Can Be 2 of 8
    Happy As Can Be
    Katherine looked to be happy to start a new hobby.
  • Taking Time 3 of 8
    Taking Time
    Katherine took some time to find the perfect machine.
  • Talking It Out 4 of 8
    Talking It Out
    Katherine even talked to a few sales associates to learn about each machine.
  • Found It! 5 of 8
    Found It!
    Finally, Katherine settles on the machine she wants.
  • Check It Out 6 of 8
    Check It Out
    Viola! This is the piece Katherine settled on. It retails for $4,999!
  • Fabrics Are Needed 7 of 8
    Fabrics Are Needed
    Katherine stocks up on fabrics to sew with.
  • Where’s Josh When You Need Him? 8 of 8
    Where's Josh When You Need Him?
    It looks like Katherine needs some help getting everything home!

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]

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