Katherine Heigl Dishes On Being A New Mommy, Her Husband, And Nahleigh's First Word


Katherine Heigl is, like all moms, learning a lot about herself now that she is a new mommy to her sixteen-months-old adopted daughter Nahleigh.  You think you’ll do things one way, but it never quit works out like that.  For example,  ruling out sweets only to find yourself stopping for ice cream on a weekly basis or saying no to buying them a present and then purchasing it on the spot. Katherine, so far, is surprised at just how strict she can be!

“I really feel like discipline and manners, a good schedule, a good night sleep and a good nap are really important. I didn’t think I would be quite so like that,” she tells People. I guess no one told her  that pulling all-nighters can lead to some serious crankiness.

Katherine is also surprised at the emotions that motherhood has brought out in her.

“It is so gut wrenching in a way that I could have never predicted,” she says. “You have this empathy suddenly -— this compassion for a mother going through anything complicated or difficult with a child. It’s something that I understand now —- that unbelievable drive and instinct to protect.”

Luckily she has her husband Josh kelly to help her out. “I really could not have imagined a better father for [Naleigh]. She’s the luckiest little kid. We call him “Disneyland Dad” because as soon as he comes in it’s just fun and happiness — and she rides around the room on his shoulders. He’s [also] fantastic with diapers, food, naptime, playtime he’s got it all.”

How much fun does that sound? I may have to steal the Disneyland Dad nickname.

Nahleigh has already started walking and talking. Her first word? “It was ‘hi. And then she would go, ‘Oh yeah!’ all the time. She would be playing with her toys and go, ‘Oh yeah!’ in that inflection. It’s genius!”


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