Katherine Heigl To Adopt Second Baby?

katherine heigl
Katherine Heigl Adopting Another Child?

Katherine Heigl has adjusted to motherhood beautifully, and everyone was so happy for her when she adopted her daughter, Naleigh, from Korea. Adoption is close to Katherine’s heart because her sister was adopted as well.

The National Enquirer has published a new story claiming that Heigl is in the process of adopting a second baby, and that the reason she’s doing it is to save her marriage to husband Josh Kelley.

The adoption part of the report is definitely believable, but would Katherine and Josh seriously go through the process of adopting a child again if they were truly having problems? Most people know that a baby only makes any existing problems worse instead of fixing them.

Can’t two people adopt a child out of love without there being speculation that their marriage is faltering?

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