Katherine Heigls Hillary Clinton Inspired Hair: Hit Or Miss? (Photos)

Katherine Heigl at the premiere of New Year's Eve

Katherine Heigl is trying to tell us something via her hair, but we’re really not sure what the message is. Either the celebrity mom is trying really hard to bring early nineties hairstyles back or she has Presidential aspirations that we just don’t know about yet. Whatever the case, the actress channeled her inner Hillary Clinton at the red carpet premiere of New Year’s Eve.

While the White House hair does make Katherine look older than her 33 years, it does give her a sophisticated look. Her little black dress for the night was a knockout and we love how her shoes match the color of her hair.

Check out our photos of Katherine and tell us, is she trying to make the Hillary Clinton look come back?

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    Katherine Heigl
    Katherine Heigl, star of "Grey's Anatomy" locks lips with husband, country singer Josh Kelley, at the premiere of her latest film "New Year's Eve" at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood.
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    Katherine Heigl
    Heigl joined her many cast mates in the film for the "Valentine's Day" follow-up directed by Gary Marshall.
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    Katherine Heigl
    What do you think of Katherine's Hillary Clinton-inspired hair?
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    Katherine Heigl
    She sure did rock that dress though!
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    Katherine Heigl
    Here's Katherine sharing an intimate moment with her hubby, Josh Kelley.
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    Katherine Heigl
    What do you think of Katherine's mom style?

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