Katherine Jackson Not Responsible For Released MJ Track?

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Katherine Jackson May or May Not Have Released Unheard Michael Jackson Song

Yesterday, it was reported that Katherine Jackson had released an unheard Michael Jackson song, Opis None, out of the vault! But, now reports are surfacing from family members that this is not true and the song is merely a mix done by outside parties.

Michael’s brother Jackie Jackson took to Twitter this morning to refute claims that his mother authorized any such thing, as well:

“Dear fans: I just spoke with my Mother and she did NOT authorize the release of the demo track called Opus None,” he wrote. “I personally think it was sampled together by an unauthorized party…. Please don’t believe gossip sites….”

Seeing as though there is hardly a lyric in the 12-minute long song, I am happy to hear that this is not a product of the late King of Pop himself. I expect so much more from him which thankfully we will all get a taste of come Dec. 14 when Sony releases Michael.

Tito Jackson‘s son Taj also tweeted: “Just talked to my grandma. She didn’t even know about the “song”, nor did she authorize it. We are getting to the bottom of this.”

Are you excited for the new Michael Jackson album, Michael?