Katherine McPhee Pregnant With Four Babies?!


American Idol alum Katherine McPhee has been a busy gal!  She’s got a new look, a new album – Unbroken – and four babies on the way?  Well, 2 out of 3 might be true…

Katherine sat down with PopEater to talk about all the changes in her life, including babies but for right now, she’s not pregnant or starting a family.

McPhee said, “I’m pregnant with four children and I’m really looking forward to it … just kidding! No, I’m still married, no real controversy going on right now.”

She added, “I might adopt a child from China like Katharine Heigl just did, but I’ll have to go there and see how it works out. Just kidding again! No, I’m just trying to get this record out and trying to enjoy it!”

She apparently has a great sense of humor, too!

So, no babes for Katherine McPhee, yet.  I guess we’ll have to put bump watch on hold, for now.

Good luck with the new album!