Kathie Lee Has Advice For The Gosselins



On Monday’s edition of the Today Show, Kathie Lee Gifford offered up some backhanded advice for Jon & Kate: Get the heck off my TV!

Actually, that’s what tons of Americans were thinking. What Kathie actually meant was to stop doing their ridiculously popular show and try to pick up the pieces.

“I would turn off the cameras if I were them and just work on healing together as a family. Who knows the long-term damage something like this could do?,” Gifford suggests.

“I understand they are making a living, but you have to wonder at what price.”

Sure Kathie, they’ll just turn off the cameras, break contract and lose a ton of money … that’s really going to solve a lot of freaking problems for the Gosselins.

The truth is, if even a few of the cheating rumors are true, the marriage is probably doomed (as it appears to be) and the best thing Jon & Kate can do is to keep milking their franchise until it runs dry. I mean, 8 kids, six will be going to college at exactly the same time … the money will come in handy.

Guess it’s been awhile since Kathie had to worry about her finances.

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