Kathy Griffin To Star In Lifetime Movie Based On Kate Gosselin (Video)


kathy-griffin-as-kate-gosselinLast night, Kathy Griffin unveiled the trailer for her upcoming made-for-TV movie Kate is Enough: The Kate Gosselin Story on Jimmy Kimmel Live. As you might expect, it falls squarely in the  ‘you’ve gotta see this’ category for any self-respecting Jon & Kate fan or hater.

Despite all of its contradictions, I hope that somehow Kate is Enough gets picked up by a network, maybe Comedy Central could make something from it — or maybe

Maybe a whole show spoofing Kate is a little too narrow, but there’s definitely enough material there for a show that generally mocks reality show parenting and especially celebrity parents with reality shows. Kinda like a Reno: 911 for celebrity parenting… FameCrawler could produce it.

The only problem with it is that its too easy to make fun of Jon and Kate. They’re such a train wreck that its comical enough just to watch their real life events unfold.In other words, the show would be competing with reality.