Kathy Ireland Denies Being Pregnant And On Meds


Kathy IrelandPoor Kathy Ireland! She received a lot of harsh criticism on Oscar night from viewers who thought she acted a little awkward during her interviewing of celebrities on the red carpet.

The former swimsuit model took to her Twitter account to defend herself.

The 46-year-old mom of three wrote: “cannot please everyone…and frankly I wouldn’t ever want to.”

She even replied to people assuming she was on drugs saying, “No meds or alcohol Angel===just J.O.Y.!” and “Never use drugs and that as a Mom is not a cool or funny suggestion.”

Some even thought she is pregnant! Not so. She wrote to one fan: “No Angel…3 kids and not pregnant…love being pregnant though. Thanks for the compliment [sic]”

I didn’t watch her red carpet interviews on ABC but I definitely don’t think she looks pregnant!