Katie Couric Wishes She Had More Children

Katie Couric

Rarely does Katie Couric give us a glimpse of her private life, but in the new issue of Good Housekeeping magazine Katie not only talks about her family life, but she also talks about missing her period! Talk about TMI, right? Well, it’s TMI depending on how important the subject of menopause is for you.

I’ll tell you that I’ve always liked Katie, and I’ve rooted for her to do well ever since she left the “Today” show and moved to CBS to anchor their evening newscast. Now that she’s at ABC, I’m rooting for her even more and I hope that her new show does well in the ratings, too. What can I say, other than she’s likable in a very Ann Curry kind of way. In her new interview though, she talks about how she regrets not having more children (she currently has two daughters – one is 21 and the other is 16). Here’s what we’re reading from Us Weekly:

“I love being around my kids. I’m not a particularly solitary person. I like a big, chaotic household — noise, commotion, laughter!” Couric tells the magazine. “Sometimes I think I should have had six kids. Or I wish I’d had one [more] at 37, but I was busy. My career.”

Currently in the midst of menopause, Couric is keenly aware that her childbearing years are behind her. “I was happy to stave it off until I was 55,” she laughs. “When you’re younger, you dread your period, and when you’re older, you want to give it a big hug. You think, ‘I’ve still got it goin’ on!’ Anyway, I think those days are over.”

Tell us Babble readers, do you ever wish you’d have more children? Or is one or two just fine with you?


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