Katie Holmes All Smiles & Smirks: Her Calculated Public Appearances

Katie Holmesis All Smiles & Smirks

There was a time when starlets would hide out in Nevada for six weeks until their divorce was finalized, completely hidden from the public eye. But times, they have changed.  Not only have divorce laws changed in the last sixty years, but now movie stars make calculated public appearances to send a message to all about how they are doing post marriage.

Katie Holmes is one such star.

Katie is not hiding, not avoiding the cameras. In fact she seems to be relishing every second. She has “people” who can do her grocery shopping for her, but instead she has been going to Whole Foods herself.  While many in her position would have a look of being annoyed, upset or broken hearted, Katie is all smiles and has a hint of smirk. Her demeanor seems to show bits of triumph, strength and sends a “yeah, I’ve so got the upper hand,” message.  She is not a woman scorned but a woman who evidently knows something (or perhaps the look of a woman who is about to have a 30 million dollar payday.)

Whatever the emotions are behind her appearances, they are totally calculated for our consumption, sending a message loud and clear that in this divorce, she’ll be the winner.

Photos: PacificCoastNews

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