Katie Holmes And Daughter Suri To Reunite With Tom Cruise For Thanksgiving

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

For 6-year-old Suri Cruise, this might be a Thanksgiving to remember, as the tot will be able to spend her holiday with her two parents, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, temporarily reunited. The ex-couple Hollywood couple is putting their differences aside for the sake of their only daughter by spending the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend together at Tom’s private estate in Telluride, Colorado. And no, Oprah is not going to be there, too.

“Tom and Katie are determined to show Suri that they’re still friends and devoted parents,” a source told OK! magazine. “They know it will mean so much for her, and both are happy to swallow their pride to make sure she has a fun holiday.”

There have been earlier reports that suggested that Tom was supposed to be present at Suri’s first day of school back in September, but unfortunately never made it to New York due to his work commitments. As I’m sure many of you may recall, the last time the actor saw his daughter was in August when he took her to Walt Disney World before her school year started.

Here’s hoping that both Tom and Katie will be able to keep things civil – which I’m sure they will – for Suri’s sake and that it won’t be awkward at all. Oh, who am I kidding? Katie will probably end up freaking out with each tinted-out Suburban she sees on the street. I would too!

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