Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Have Some Fun in Chelsea Piers (Photos)

Suri Cruise

There’s only a few weeks left of this summer vacation and it looks like both Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are trying to make the most of it by going on as many outings as they can. The mother and daughter duo were spotted having fun together in Chelsea Piers in New York City on Tuesday afternoon.

It also looked like it was a special occasion for Suri because she had on a princess dress (although I can’t tell which princess costume it was) and a huge smile on her face, which is something we love to see from this little girl.

Take a look at our photo gallery below!

  • Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise 1 of 8
    Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise
    Katie Holmes, dressed casually in a polka dot top and jeans, takes daughter Suri to Chelsea Piers in New York City.
  • Princess 2 of 8
    Six-year-old Suri was dressed for fun in a pastel princess gown.
  • Which One? 3 of 8
    Which One?
    Now, usually I can recognize all of my Disney princesses, but I'm not sure which one this is.
  • Looks Good 4 of 8
    Looks Good
    While it's being reported that Tom Cruise has lost 14 pounds since Katie Holmes split with him, Katie still looks good!
  • Happy 5 of 8
    And Suri looks happy, which counts the most, too.
  • But Where? 6 of 8
    But Where?
    But it's killing me that I don't know where this costume is coming from, LOL.
  • Family Fin 7 of 8
    Family Fin
    Have you taken your family to Chelsea Piers? Have you had fun there?
  • Tell Us Your Thoughts 8 of 8
    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    What plans do you have for this last month of summer with your family?

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