Katie Holmes Graces The Cover Of Russia's Harper's Bazaar

Katie Holmes

Oh my. Someone is looking mighty pretty here.

Celebrity Mom of the Year Katie Holmes graces the cover of Russia’s Harper’s Bazaar for their October issue and we don’t think we’ve seen the new single mom look this good in a very long time. The big hair, the smokey eyes, the Moschino gown… it’s all so very elegant, isn’t it? She almost looks like a real Russian doll.

While we might not be able to translate what she says in her interview (yet…), we do know that she wore a lot of Dolce & Gabanna and Michaels Kors for her photo shoort. She can’t do any wrong these days, now can she? I am so loving the white cut-out dress she has on.

Take a look at the photos below.

  • Katie Holmes 1 of 5
    Katie Holmes
    My oh my does she look good in these pics here! It's like seeing a new Katie. Photo via Harper's Bazaar
  • Love The Dress 2 of 5
    Love The Dress
    Could you ever see her wearing this during her Tom Cruise days? Probably not! LOL. Photo via Harper's Bazaar
  • Elegant 3 of 5
    This is definitely the elegant photo shop we've seen her do. Photo via Harper's Bazaar
  • In Gold 4 of 5
    In Gold
    What woman doesn't look good in gold, right? Photo via Harper's Bazaar
  • Cover Shot 5 of 5
    Cover Shot
    Katie looks so much like a Russian doll, doesn't she? Photo via Harper's Bazaar

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