Katie Holmes Is Getting Coffee For Two - Who Is Her Mystery Date? (photos)

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is out on this cold winter day in New York, all bundled up and stopping for some Starbucks!

Katie is not only buying herself some coffee but she has one for someone else! Who do you think that may be?  I would love to see Katie  just enjoying life. It really is none of our business who she is and or is not dating! But, it sure is fun to try and guess.

If you could pick one actor for Katie who would that be?  I actually think that Josh Radnor from How I Met Your Mother  would be a perfect match! Of course I have no idea who he is dating or what he is like in his personal life, but I pick him!

Check out the photos below!

  • Katie!!!! 1 of 5
    Oh, the photo is kind of blurry! I am assuming they had no idea she was on her way!
  • I’ll Have! 2 of 5
    I'll Have!
    It is always so hard to pick out what you want at Starbucks!
  • Got It! 3 of 5
    Got It!
    No, one held the door open when Katie had two cups in her hands! Manners people! Manners!
  • Keep Walking! 4 of 5
    Keep Walking!
    If I keep walking no one will ask me any questions!
  • Off! 5 of 5
    Off to drink the coffee! Enjoy!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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