Katie Holmes Opens Up About Her Marriage To Tom Cruise And Future Baby Plans

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes


Although they are one of the most talked-about couples in Hollywood with the paparazzi following their every move no matter where they are, actress Katie Holmes says despite the pressure, her marriage to Tom Cruise is still going strong.

Katie opens up about her marriage to Bang Showbiz saying, “My husband has made incredible movies that have impacted the world and therefore I’m a part of that now.  I’m proud of it and it’s okay,” adding, ‘our relationship is great.”

Even though things seem to be good on the home front, Katie says that living in the public eye can be difficult at times.

She adds, “Some days you can go straight to Starbucks without being bothered and some days you have to switch cars and it’s something that becomes a part of your day.”

Katie and husband Tom will be celebrating their five-year marriage anniversary this November and say they are not planning to have any more children.  They have one daughter, five-year-old Suri.