Katie Holmes' Scientology Agreement



Katie Holmes is getting sucked deeper and deeper into the crazy!

First, she’s looking a little wan on her trip to Australia. Hopefully she didn’t have to do any sort of Scientology purity ritual in between her dancing with the stars gig and getting on the plane to go Down Under.

Second, her people had the crew for her new movie sign some sort of agreement that bars them from asking her about scientology.

Aren’t they all adults? Couldn’t she have just told everyone she wasn’t really interested in talking about it? E.G. Hi, I’m Katie Holmes. I’m really excited to be in Australia. Yes, I’m married to Tom Cruise. Yes, we’re mega-fabulous. I really don’t want to talk about scientology with everyone, but if you are interested go to the local branch.

Then they could all be very polite and respect her wishes on the matter.  They don’t have to make it so hard. Unless of course they are trying to get attention. That’s a different story altogether.

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