Katie Holmes Shops for Suri Cruise: Clothes Suri Won't Wear for 20 Years!

Katie Holmes
Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise is quite the pint-sized fashion plate. Katie Holmes always seems to find the cutest outfits for her daughter.

Turns out, Katie is not only buying Suri adorable clothes that she can wear now, she’s thinking years and years into the future!

Katie Holmes has been buying outfits for Suri ever since she was born: outfits that Suri can wear once she’s in her twenties! “I will buy something with her in mind, thinking it’s gonna look so great on her when she’s 25 or whatever.”

And once Suri is pregnant, she will have some of Katie’s maternity clothes to choose from, since they are being saved for her!

Suri just turned five, so none of these clothes will be worn for about 20 years or so. It seems a little silly to save them all. Then again, with Katie’s taste, the clothes will all probably be very classic and people will be talking about Suri’s amazing vintage collection of clothes!

Do you have any of your clothes set aside for your children to wear someday?

Photo: PCN