Katie Holmes Brings Suri Cruise to So You Think You Can Dance Finale (Video)

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise So You Think You Can Dance finale
Katie Holmes So You Think You Can Dance finale guest judge

Katie Holmes may not have earned rave reviews as a guest judge on the finale of So You Think You Can Dance, but daughter Suri Cruise was in the SYTYCD audience cheering her mom on.

But first, how did Katie Holmes do as a judge on the So You Think You Can Dance finale?

Not so great, according to most fans of the dance show, who noted that Katie offered very little (if any) criticism for the dancers. All around, she was just too darn nice.

The Wall Street Journal summed up Katie Holmes’ SYTYCD gig pretty nicely: “The guest judges say little of use, with Katie becoming more and more banal as the night goes on.”

Katie told host Cat Deeley: “I’m so excited to be back, I love these dancers so much.” And, of course, she plugged her newest movie, adding, “I’ve been working on a lot of films, I have ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’ coming out this August so I’m very excited. Thank you for having me.’

Katie Holmes’ daughter, Suri, was on hand in the audience, helping to hold up a sign with friends that said “We Love You Katie” and eating a giant cookie – though food is not allowed in the studio. It pays to have famous folks!

Holmes made time to hug Suri and and stepson Connor Cruise before the show aired, and also ran to give Suri a hug during one of the show’s commercial breaks.

What did you think of Katie Holmes on So You Think You Can Dance?

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