Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise at the Beach - In Heels? (Photo)

suri cruise katie holmes beach heels
Suri Cruise in heels

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise were spotted on the beach on Memorial Day, looking like they were having a great time. Check out the photos of Katie and Suri.

But look more closely… no, we’re not going to say that Katie Holmes is pregnant because she’s wearing a baggy shirt… rather, check out their feet!

Yep, Suri Cruise is wearing one of her favorite fashion choices – heels – in the sand. In the sand!

Mom Katie Holmes is also wearing heels. It all just strikes me as odd because it seems like they could have at least just taken off their shoes for playtime at the beach.

Katie and Suri were at a Memorial Day party in Malibu, California and had a little stroll down the beach, where Suri was seen holding a balloon animal while wearing a sweet white and pink dress.

Mom Katie had an interesting outfit on – ripped cutoff jean shorts with a blazer and hat. Uh… okay?

Next time you step on the beach, lose the heels, okay?

Image: PCNPhotos

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