Katie Holmes Teaches Suri How To Shop 'Til She Drops


katie-holmes-suri-cruise-on-setKatie Holmes is partying hard in Australia. Only it’s not the kind of partying we’re used to hearing about. Katie shopping and she’s very hardcore about it. We all know she loves to shop, but now that Suri is older she’s passing on the know-how.
A source in Australia said she goes everywhere, high-end to low-end, it makes no difference. If it’s a store she’s going to be in it. She seems to be giving her stay in New York  a run for it’s money. She supposedly spent $14 million in the six months she was there, so she may have a ways to go in Australia.

Some were surprised to see her in Target, but I’m not, because Target is teh awesome.  I bet Katie spends more on her visits to the store than I do.

I like her with long hair. Sure the short is elegant and sexy, but I think she’s a long hair kind of girl.