Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Battled Over How To Celebrate Suri's 4th Birthday


Suri Cruise turned 4 earlier this month with a party of cupcakes, cupcakes, and even more cupcakes. In my opinion, this was pretty casual and I am not ashamed to admit that I wanted to see pictures of her with elephants, gold plated barbies and boxes upon boxes of mini Manolos.

The couple was reportedly at odds over how to celebrate. “They had been having arguments over the phone about the party while Katie was in New York,” a source tells In Touch. “Tom wanted to do something elaborate since Suri’s party last year had been so low-key, but Katie wanted it to be a quiet celebration at their home.”

The party was at home and Katie chose the tea party theme so you would think she’d won the argument. No so!  A source says, “Tom ordered more than four dozen cupcakes with all the trimmings. Katie thought it was way over-the-top, and she was upset he hadn’t consulted her.”

The Great Battle Of 48 Treats continued during the party. “You could see on her face how tense she was. She didn’t want to spoil Suri’s birthday so she tried to steer clear of Tom, but he was always by her side. They would have little spats off to the side of guests. You could tell they were arguing, but before they started a screaming match, she would walk away.”

Is this just a normal disagreement or something more? During a child’s party both parents want it to be perfect so there’s bound to be some amount of tension over whether everything will go smoothly. Will there be enough cupcakes, will any of the kids vomit, how many tantrums will happen-it seems pretty typical to get frustrated.