Katie Holmes Wears a Very Sheer Shirt in Winter! (Photos)

Katie Homes and Her Sheer Top

Wow, the Holmes/Cruise family seems to be impervious to the cold.

Yesterday we saw Suri Cruise cruising around cold New York City without much clothing on and now we see where she gets this from.

In this 40 degree weather Katie Holmes was spotted wearing a very thin, very sheer see through top which reveled a bright colorful bra. The bra was bright that it just shows that this peek-a-boo act was an accident.

And one other thing of note...the red bag is back!!!

Check out photos of Katie and her peek-a-boo sheer top right here.

  • Katie Holme’s Ultra Sheer Shirt 1 of 4
    Katie Holme's Ultra Sheer Shirt
    Wow, that is one sheer shirt! And on a cold New York City day? She is daring isn't she?
  • Something Look Familiar 2 of 4
    Something Look Familiar
    Something looks very familiar...what is it?
  • It’s That Red Bag! 3 of 4
    It's That Red Bag!
    Seriously, what is up with her and that red bag
  • On the Go 4 of 4
    On the Go
    Katie Holmes is always on the go isn't she?