Katie Holmes' Holmes & Yang Fashion Line Hits Macy's—With a Suri Twist


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Katie Holmes, clothing designer? When news broke last year that the actress and celebrity mom would be designing a line for Macy’s, stylewatchers were a bit nervous (not as nervous as when watching her dance, however!). Now, with the Fall line (including the dress on Katie, at left) set to hit Macy’s this month, Elle magazine is offering a first look at the clothes—and at the prices (you can’t afford ’em!). Plus, we’ve got an especially enticing Holmes & Yang tidbit for parents.

The collection, co-created with designer Jeanne Yang, is, in fact, insipired by both women’s love of dance. All of the Fall pieces are in black, cream, or ballet pink. “We want to create pieces a woman can wear over and over, and people won’t necessarily say, ‘Oh, you wore that last week,'” Katie tells the magazine. 

The line also features pieces for children, inspired by Suri and by Jeanne Yang’s 7-year-old twin daughters, Sydney and Zoey. Holmes says the kids’ pieces are “very practical”: “What twirls, what doesn’t itch, and what’s pretty.” Sounds like Suri-style to me!

The only catch? It’s all EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. Elle cites the prices for the adult clothing as “$2,375 for a cocktail dress, $945 for a blouse.” That one blouse could buy a lot of diapers.


PHOTO: Bauer-Griffin

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