Katie Price and Peter Andre File For Divorce


katieprice_wants-more-babies-nakedI guess it really is over. There is no chance of rekindling their lost love. Katie Price and Peter Andre filed divorce papers yesterday. I think I might cry.

Neither Katie nor Peter want to admit fault for the split, so they both filed papers on the same day. Peter first then Katie. A lawyer close to the situation said, “It’s quite sad really and nothing more than a petty snipe from Katie. It’s her way of saying, ‘I am not allowing you to divorce me – instead I am going to divorce you.’ ”

“They will be granted a cross decree with both filing, and will need to wait six weeks before the decree is given.”

Sounds like so much fun.

Peter did say that we will never know all the details because, “There’s some really incredible stuff that only Katie and I know about. But I’ll never talk about it in public, because I want to protect the kids from all that. I walked away because I had to.”

Hopefully the kids won’t ever remember this stuff. Yuck! Dirty laundry is oh, so tacky.