Katie Price Attacks Paparazzi with an Umbrella


katie-price-umbrellaStressed-out mother of 3 Katie Price is showing definite signs of what experts are calling the “Britney Spears Umbrella Rage Syndrome.” OK, I made that illness up. Still, the Katie was apparently at the end of her rope yesterday when she brandished her wet umbrella as a weapon and swung it at the paparazzi. Is this woman someone you want around your kids?

Reportedly, Katie Price went after photogs after yelling: “Why don’t you get a real job and f*** off?”

Considering the parallels between Britney’s rage and Katie’s, Peter Andre definitely has to think twice before the next time he drops off Junior, 4, and Princess Tiaamii, 2, at Katie’s house.

Seriously, what’s next? The shaved head or the ambulance ride?

Says one of the paparazzos who witnessed the attack:

“She just seemed to lose her cool. She was using the umbrella as shield which she then wielded to remove unwanted photographers attention in her path.”

The divorce/reality show/media attention/boozing must really be getting to her. Or maybe her brawling, cagefighter boyfriend is just rubbing off on her?