Katie Price Crosses Out Her Pete Tattoo



After a week of partying your brains out in Ibiza, the last place you should probably stumble into is a tattoo parlor called Inkadelic. But don’t tell that to Katie Price, because that was one of her last stops before catching a plane back to the UK. She reportedly got the “Pete” tattoo on her wrist crossed out with a crude X.

Back in the couples heyday, when they thought they’d never part, Katie got a pretty elaborate tattoo on her wrist featuring a crown with the names Princess (their daughter) and Pete surrounded by floating hearts.

Now that Katie is feeling pretty much no love for her estranged husband, the tattoo is a kinda bitter reminder. So, instead of getting it removed, or dreaming up a design that would cleverly cover up the “Pete” tat, she simply had it scratched out (see photo).

Therapeutic? I guess. Attractive? Not so much.

This is pretty much the most rational argument against getting your lover’s name tattooed on your body. Your skin starts to look like a dry erase board. Or worse, the men’s room wall…