Katie Price Flat Irons 2-Year-Old Daughter's Hair (PHOTOS)


article-0-083b3a6f000005dc-558_233x261Jordan‘s ex hubby is so not going to be happy about this. The infamous Katie Price aka Jordan has been criticized by her ex Peter Andre for dolling up their two-year-old daughter Princess Tiamii in un-natural ways.

For Katie’s new reality show What Katie Did Next she straightened her daughter very curly locks for the camera with a flat iron. Check out the pics here.article-0-0859b08d000005dc-250_468x409

Just last week photos of a made-up Princess  were posted on Facebook (above), Peter’s was “‘absolutely disgusted” by the ‘make-over’.  The flat-ironing was filmed late last year and Peter was upset about then saying, “‘Why a girl of two needs straight hair is beyond me.” And he added that he had to trim his daughter’s tresses soon after due to the damage the flat iron had done to her hair.

What’s worse? The make up or the flat ironing?



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