Katie Price Gets Heckled By Andre Supporters


katie-price-dancingKatie Price was the target of an angry mob of Peter Andre supporters chanting “Team Andre” at a Manchester restaurant last night. Ouch. Apparently, Katie’s bad girl antics aren’t winning her any sympathy.

The mother of 3 has been in the headlines constantly since her bitter split with Andre, mostly for acting crazy and/or foolish. Still, who would expect an impromptu protest at a random restaurant? The jeers were so bad, Katie reportedly had to leave.

Katie’s image has suffered a great deal as a result of her and Peter’s divorce, and the fact that she’s been spotted partaking in all sorts of wild debauchery hasn’t exactly helped her case.

Peter, on the other hand, has remained pretty low key after the split and his earnest approach seems to be winning him the public’s support. Surprisingly, his reality show Going It Alone is consistently beating out Katie’s What Katie Did Next in the ratings battle.

That’s pretty good for a guy who’s mostly famous for… well, marrying Katie.