Katie Price is Actually a Pretty and Pregnant Pink Pony (Photos)


I cannot show my daughter these photographs. If I did, she would beg me for an identical outfit as what the British celebrity wore this week. The UK super star wore a hot pink horse outfit, complete with an extra set of legs, to support her company KP Equestrian which makes all sorts of horse accessories from clothing to horse blankets to boots. It’s the sort of outfit that is a fantasy of little girls, and apparently for the mom-of-three — who is currently pregnant with number four — Katie Price. Check out her amazing outfit right here:

  • Pretty Pony! 1 of 5
    Pretty Pony!
    Katie Price donned a long pink and red wig, but the outfit got crazier...
  • The Entire Outfit 2 of 5
    The Entire Outfit
    The pregnant star was dresses as a pink horse!
  • Her Line 3 of 5
    Her Line
    She posed with items from her company KP Equestrian such as the pink hurdles.
  • The Studio 4 of 5
    The Studio
    Katie in the studio taking the photos.
  • Such a pretty, pretty pony! 5 of 5
    Such a pretty, pretty pony!
    Wow. Just wow.
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