Katie Price Is On The Edge


katie-price-jordan-drag-queen-book-signingThe latest rumor about Katie Price is out. Phew, I was jonesing for some info  since the last I saw were the pictures from her book signing. She was crazy dressed up and Alex was in drag.

The latest is that she kicked Alex to the curb, and he moved back in with his mom.

Uh-oh, was it not true love?

A friend of Katie’s said, “She’s been crying hysterically on and off all week. When the divorce was finalized it really hit her hard. She may come across as having a tough exterior but she’s broken by the split with Pete and she’s trying to persuade herself that being with Alex is what she needs. Behind closed doors she’s a different character on the brink.”

I guess when the make-up is off she is a totally different person. Her poor kids, I hope they are doing okay. It’s hard to see what the affect of men coming in and out of their lives.